How to wear a watch!

¬†¬†‚Äú Imagine¬†a man in a tuxedo at a black-tie event. He has¬†poise, style¬†and a¬†posture¬†that grabs everyone‚Äôs attention.He casually turns his wrist to check the time‚Ķ a calculator wristwatch with a rubber strap‚ĶFAIL!!¬†‚ÄĚ

Men are very limited when it comes to wearing jewelry, that’s why his watch is a critical component he must perfect in order to complement his daily outfits! A watch is much more than an accessory, it’s an expression of personality, so follow these tips and make sure your wrist is always on point!

Look we get it, watches are awesome! Thanks to the internet we have access to THOUSANDS of different watch styles and brands that in most cases can be great quality and pretty affordable. That means you can expand your collection quite easily to match every outfit and not break the bank!

Lets split this list into different levels of formality and see which watch styles match each scenario best!

Black Tie/White Tie:

For formal events, keep it clean, keep it simple! A minimal dress watch is the safest and most suitable watch for these occasions. We recommend a 40mm classic style on a black leather band. Here’s some of our top recommendations:

Business Casual:

Wearing a sport blazer with jeans, light colored suit or even just a layered sweater; your go to timepiece should be a chronograph. Depending on the model, a chrono watch can be the perfect combination of sport and luxury. Here’s what we recommend:


As the rule of thumb goes, for the most part if the watch has a metal band it is considered less formal. But keep in mind that practically all watches can be worn with a pair of jeans and shirt combination. Here’s our top recommendations:

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